Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm a Crafty Bitch!

A Batman cape for Chance
Leaf and Bow Cuffs for a sweet co-worker

A garland for my tree!

Upcycled Sweater for Dagmar
Scarflet for a sweet nurse.
Upcycled sweater for Leah

Bri and I were crazy crafters all day yesterday and today. It was Bri's first foray into sewing and she did some hard stuff! Bias tape, buttonholes, cuffs! She was determined and her stuff turned out so cute!

More to come next week!


Anonymous said...

Wow who taught you how to do all that stuff?? Beautiful.

sarah said...

You, mom!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm this is not your Mom. Your Mom must be great too.

Anonymous said...

Love the cape for Chance!!!! Lol You rock sis

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Shannon here... I LOVE the scarflet! So very sweet of you! You are so talented! Blessings to you and yes... I must admit...You ARE a crafty bitch! (I say that lovingly :)

Shannon Weimer, sweet nurse!

Sarah said...

Aww! Thanks Shannon! My friend Megan calls my mom and I crafty little bitches. hehehe. It's naughty but it's funny!
Did my mom give it to you yet? She was going to mail it, I think?