Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gardening Into Winter

Even though we are wrapping up the last of the summer garden I am still gardening in my head! We are thinking, planning and preparing for next spring:

>We have plans to make a little grow house and canning kitchen in the big shed.

>Maybe when we get a little tougher and stop crying over dead chickens we will add a meat chicken chicken coop for those temporary ones. The more I learn about industrial food proccesses I get less icked out about raising our own meat.

>There are still brussell sprouts, kale and onions out in the garden. They like the cold weather.

>There are fall greens that Bri planted about a month ago. Yum!

>Up until a few days ago our tomatoes were still flowering and producing more tomatoes! Crazy weather.

>We are composting everything we can get our hands on to amend the soil for a small orchard where there used to be a gravel driveway.

>Fence designs are being researched

>Flower catalogs are being drooled on

Happy Autumn Everyone!


natalie said...

I am used to Facebook...I want to LIKE everything you have here!!! I am also growing a few things into winter...for the first time: onions (and right now I am enjoying the green onions!), kale, mustard greens,, I planted some garlic, beets, parsnips, and radishes...some for next spring and others for winter.

I absolutely LOVE your idea for a canning kitchen!!! OMG! What a wonderful idea!!!

I have been making notes all spring/summer about what worked, what didn't, what I want to differently, etc. I still have a zucchini growing and tomatoes! Love it! But, I need to start the "canning" and freezing process sooner in the summertime and not waiting until fall to do it ALL. I'm exhausted!!!

The Dead Acorn said...

You'd better not steal my plan of growing cube-shaped watermelons next year.