Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What do YOU think?

This is what my days usually look like.
JuJu is indeed eating rice krispies, from the box, with a spoon. She's also under a table and wearing a "snow princess" dress.
Stella waiting patiently for me to give her the go ahead to scarf up the mountain of cereal on the floor. Who needs a vacuum?
Poor Aladdin.
Men don't stand a chance in our house.

Guess what grammy and grampy brought from Hawaii? Grass skirts and coconut bras. Nice.
Olivia rocks the hula.

I say all that to say this...
I know it seems early but this is the time of year that we start looking forward to the next school year. Intention forms, open houses, contracts, etc. All in the workings right now.
I have to make plans for summer and right now, dear readers, knowing what you know about me, I need your opinion.
Here's the thing: It's a wash. With two kids I will earn what I pay out in care. So. Should I stay home or should I work?


Anonymous said...

I say GO TO WORK!! Save your sanity!! Make my house payment!! :)

From the person that benefits the most from your decision :)

natalie said...

First off, I like that there is someone else out there that also thinks about summer in February and how CLOSE IT REALLY IS. So, Thank You!!!!

As for the work thing...I guess there are pros and cons for both. I would feel frustrated if I was working only to pay for child care...and, when they are in school (free?) full time then you can work full time. But, I get the whole work for sanity thing! The age old question and either way you go you will most likely feel either guilty or unhappy...LOL. Good luck! :)

The Dead Acorn said...

I think you should work, but that it should be something like doing doing raft trips down the North Fork of the Payette, or brokering hostage negotiations in the middle east. Or rodeo clown. You know, something that says "International Woman Of Mystery."

Anonymous said...

STAY home your girls will grow so fast it will amaze even you!
Do it if you can you can go back to work when they are older but for right now stay home.
Enjoy it.