Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Surfing

Came across this blog and the gorgeous things that she makes for her daughters. So beautiful. Of course I don't make clothes for my kids (only for myself) but they're still lovely!

I've been thinking about starting on my summer skirt sewing frenzy now rather than waiting for mid-summer. Duh.

And you know how I love aprons, right?

Check out these beauties

Maybe my maker is getting unbroken?

Or maybe I will just be content with looking at the beautiful things that I could easily make and not make them. All the while wishing that I made them?

Did I show you what I did make? Months ago.

I only made 4 things for Christmas this year. I don't have a photo of the puppet theatre that I made for my niece but I do have a photo of the rockin' Madonna-esque fingerless gloves that I made for Megan and the pair that I kept for myself.

Also made this cute-y cute (if i do say so myself) wrap thing-y for my sister-in-law.

It has cards and envelopes in the middle. A little notebook for addresses or notes on one side and a pen and stamps on the other.

In an ideal world you could take it with you while you did some waiting type thing and whip out some thank you cards or something. I'm not organized enough to make that happen but maybe Robyn does that with it?

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