Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2 years

My two year blogging anniversary is coming up! Oh my gosh two years!! That is insane!

I had a big long post about all the things that are different now but it was a little lengthy so I thought I'd start now and drag it out over the next 10 days or so. I've had some complaints about my lack of blogging (sorry Jen) so here goes!

Lets start at the beginning shall we...

Here we are November 2006...


I am ashamed to say that absolutely nothing has changed because here are my same feelings in 2007...


And here is another thing that's coming up...

Olivia is going to turn 5 on Thursday! She laid out her birthday plans for me a few weeks ago. Birthday snack at school on Thursday. She would like strawberries, cool whip and cupcakes.

Birthday dinner with Big Grandma, Little Grandpa, Daddy, JuJu, Kordon and Morgan, Kyla and Moira that night since mama will be at school.

Then on Friday she would like to have pizza with Little Grandma, Big Grandpa, Warren, Megan, Daddy, Mama, Joe, Kelsey and Chance.

Then on Saturday she wants a playdate with her 3 favorite friends from school.

Sheesh! I don't know where she got the idea that birthdays were celebrated for a week and that you should milk it as long as possible. I would NEVER do that. I wouldn't start every sentence with, "But it's my birthday!", for a week before. NEVER!

Oh...and she is getting her ears pierced for her big 5 year old birthday! Tomorrow, actually! EEK! I think I'm more nervous than she is!

More tomorrow!


Scared Sh*tless said...

That first Thanksgiving rant is a little frightening. And by "a little frightening" I mean I'd be scared to make any sudden movements around you.

"Have a good day, Sarah ..."


Anonymous said...

How did the ear piercing go? We need a picture of that big five year old girl with pretty earrings! Sheri

Loyal Reader said...

I always enjoy your posts so much and you are adding such great pictures too. It's been a very long, curvy 2 year journey but isn't being able to go back and read it all priceless? Your kids will think so too ;) Take care & here's to another 2 years! Keep writing!