Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday, Monday

My day certainly isn't finished but my kids are in the bathtub and I have a few minutes before they start yelling, "Mama! I want to get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yeah, it actually has that many exclamation marks. Even though I am literally 6 feet away from them.

So today...

-Up at 730


-Chilly in the kitchen but I couldn't bear the thought of turning the heat on so I turned the oven on and contemplated baking something. Decided not to bake, turned off the oven and opened door to let the heat out into the kitchen.

-Unloaded and reloaded dishwasher

-Talked to Jen while getting Olivia dressed for school.

-Rice Crispies for breakfast for Olivia, Corn flakes for Jamie. Coffee for Jimmy and I

-Said goodbye to Jimmy and Olivia. Off to school and work.

-More laundry (stripped beds and washed sheets).

-Skimmed some real estate magazines.

-Surfed and blogged while Jamie stood next to me chatttering about her baby named "Alaksa".

-Put on clean, presentable pajamas disguised as clothes.

-Ate a slice of the pumpkin bread that I baked last night.

-Packed up Jamie to go pick up Olivia from school. Pick up Olivia and chat with a couple moms about ski lessons for our kids.

-Post office and a peek into Thomas Hammer to see if Uncle Warney was there.

-Stop by the shop to see which envelopes I need.

-Drive through the car wash (wash off the mud form the drag races. I didn't race but it was muddy all over out there)

-Office Max for paper, envelopes, a mouse and a memory card

-McDonalds. Fries for me, nuggets for kids. Feel disgusted with myself by the time I start in on the kids' fries.


-Dry cleaners. Find out they are going out of business! ACK! It's the only dry cleaner I've ever gone to! She informs me that they also own Norge on 15th and State. Phew.

-Fabric store for buttons. Girls talk me into buying fabric to make blankets for their babies. I pick up a pair of wicked sharp scissors to keep by my sewing machine.

-Home for nap time! Olivia sleeps. After about 30 minutes in bed Jamie belly crawls across my bedroom floor and scares the crap out of me when she pokes her head around the end of my bed. She can't stop laughing and neither can I. I give up and tell her she can get up.

-More laundry.

-Internet surfin'

-Kids up playing outside. Cheese bread for a snack.

-Start prepping dinner.

-Sew baby blankets for girls with the fabric they picked out today.

-Olivia says her head hurts and she needs a tylenol and a rest. SHIT!

-Dinner in bed for Olivia, at the table for Jimmy, Jamie and I.

-Mix cookie dough for Halloween cookies. Do it wrong. Cookies have to be balls, not shapes. Kids ok with it. Decorate the heck out of the cookies. Olivia seems fine by now.

-Play outside a bit.

-Olivia and Jamie watch part of a Scooby Doo movie. (While Jimmy and I argue in the kitchen. Too much info, I know. But hey it's my life. Don't worry mom, we weren't arguing in front of the kids)

-Bath time.

And here we are! Except that bath time actually ended a while ago and I have put them to bed and am now finishing up this! I'm going to put the clean sheets on my bed and probably read a book for an hour or so. Ahh. Quiet. I'm alone too...maybe I'll take a bath or talk on the phone. Oh, the possibilities.

I know this is pretty detailed today but I anticipate that it will get less detailed as things get redundant. We'll see.

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