Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh Happy Saturday

Cleaning the house is certainly not my favorite thing to do on a Saturday but the end result makes me so happy that I occassionally indulge in a day-long house cleaning binge. I purge too.

Today I woke up at 6 (yep, there are two of those) and after shuffling around waiting for the coffee to wash over my brain...I tore into it.

I didn't get very far before I realized that I didn't have any cleaning supplies! I had taken all my stuff down to the shop on Thursday and never brought them home. Damnit! I was tempted to just quit but I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to do all the random things I've been meaning to do for a while. Some things for years. Also, to me, the most satisfying part of cleaning the house is having everything put away and decluttered. I could still do that.

I was done by 1 and now I am sitting in my super clean uncluttered bedroom. it!

Side note: I have to sit in my bedroom to use the computer because it's the only room in the house where we can steal the neighbor's internet connection. Bwhahaha

Here it is in all of it's uncluttered, cleared, purged, pictures hung, beds made, glory.

If only it would stay this way.

I also have a ton of pictures to accompany the last several posts. First day of school, pickled eggs, an impromptu camping trip, a happy thing I did with my jewelry, some pics on the boat...I'm think of just doing a flickr collage. Are those annoying?


Courtney said...

I currently have a chair set up in my kitchen for that exact same reason...

Jann said...

Collages are NEVER boring dear...and your place looks FABO-SOUS! Its greast to have it done and behind you...:o)
The girls' room is so cute Sarah...nice to see where those little chitlins snuggle in and lay there heads down. You are a GREAT mom! Children's rooms should be fun and colorful...:o)
Have a great Sunday,

Robyn said...

Your house looks great! Mine will never look that clean, but I've learned to deal with it.

And yes, I want to see some pics!!