Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm the best mom ever

Do you know what my kids love to eat? It's so repulsive that I can't even say it without gagging a little. And did you know that I regularly make these disgusting things for them?

Pickled eggs

Yep. Thank their dad for that one.


Anonymous said...

Only the most sophisticated kids eat pickled eggs...Be proud!! We ate them when we were little and aside from being short...we are OK. And, what a good Mommy to make them for them. You Rock!!Sheri

Robyn said...

One time Moira wanted me to make her a peanut butter, mayo and cheese sandwich. I told her that if I made it for her she had to eat it. She did and loved it!

Kathleen said...

Just be glad it's not pickled pigs feet (yet)! Thank my dad for that one!