Wednesday, April 16, 2008


3. Figured out the bus schedule. I can catch it at the corner by my house at 7:55, switch buses at State & Glenwood and take it right to the shop. I'll be to work by 8:30. Woo!
I am so annoyed every time I put $50 into my gas tank and it seems like I have to fill up every freakin' week! Taking the bus is not my idea of a rockin' good time but it will cost a dollar and I'll have a 1/2 hour to do anything besides driving....sit and stare out the flippin window and enjoy not being pissed off by traffic. On Saturday I am dragging Jimmy and the kids on a "test ride" to school on our bikes. My brother suggested a route that would be easy and safe so we are going to try it out to see how long it takes.

6. Which 5 movies? What would you classify as a "classic movie"? Suggestions?

7. I know this is really lame but hey, it's who I am! I haven't switched yet (I do use paper and I do reuse them) but I hate the yucky green bags that the grocery store has so I ordered these. So cute! (Go ahead, laugh at my "eco fashion"!)

10. I have a Kids and I trip planned for the weekend of May 30th. We're going to Joe and Kelsey's and Yellowstone!

15. I am an unsubscribing crazy woman! It is amazing how much email shit I get on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

I can help with number 4....I would love aother girls weekend at my go ahead, surprise me! It would be exactly what I want. Sheri

Sarah O said...

Oh, my gosh Sheri, that is EXCATLY what I want too! I was just thinking about that. It was this time last year that we went!

Anonymous said...

So there you go...number 4!
Classic movies

To Kill a Mockingbird
A Streetcar named desire
Gone with the wind
The Citadel
A tale of two cities
Days of wine & roses ( love this one !)
The list of Adrian Messenger

darcie said...

Oh my gosh, those are some really cute shopping bags (and not a bad price either)!

Isn't Breakfast Club a classic movie?! I vote for that. LOL!

Jann said...

Darcie...I LOVED the Breakfast Club!...LOL
How about Message in a Bottle...Out of africa...ole Dennis could wash my hair anytime...LOL....Green Mile maybe?...Gone with the Wind definetly....Younger Classics...but never the less...good ones. Glad you are coming up to Yellowstone...theres been lots of Elk and Bison close to the roads....park should be beautiful this year. Whats amazing is to tour it in the could swear you in a whole other park. You should try that sometime. Snow coaches are the way to go. You took the bus...if I would have seen you I would have "waved" go girlfriend! Gas sucks! Its sooo expensive. I commend you darlink!
Have the best this day has to offer....hugs,