Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Time flies

I used to be an ok blogger and now I am definitely a bad, bad blogger!
Not having internet at home makes it really hard to update with any sort of frequency.
So I guess I will do a quick update. BULLET STYLE! My favorite!

*Just had parent/teacher conferences last week at TCS. (The kids were sick the week before so we had far too many "home days".)
Of course my children are total geniuses. Bwhahaha.
Jamie will move to the 3-4's class next year. It's 4 days a week and it pulls from two different classes. One is the toddler class that I teach so the kids are a little younger than Jamie. It will be nice for her to be one of the big kids at school since she is so firmly the little kid at home.
Olivia will stay in 3-4-5's. It's designed as a two year program so she'll be doing her second year.
They are both doing well and really love going to school.

*This job at the shop is proving to be a little more than I can chew. Sheesh. I am just barely getting by. Filing is piling up and I'm in a hurry so often that sometimes I screw stuff up. Nothing serious so far but...
Something's gotta give! The next school year is looming and I just received a letter from BSU reminding me that I planned on enrolling for the Fall semester. I'm pretty sure that keeping up the 3 jobs (4 if you count being a full time mom. And I do) and going to school will be grounds for a little break down. Hmmm. What happened to the vision??
I do have to give Jimmy credit for holding up his 50% of the DNA contribution better than I expected. But there are just some things that have been embedded in our relationship that are hard to change.
For example: This morning I had an entire day of work planned plus packing for our trip and getting my driver's license. At about 8:00 Olivia said, "Mom, I'm gonna puke." Just as my hand shot underneath her mouth to catch it before it landed on the couch. YUM!
So, who stays home? No question there! I do. The person who has two jobs to go to (out of my house and making money type of job), a trip to the DMV, 6 loads of laundry and packing everything for a weekend trip (Yes, I packed his clothes too). So, I call in "sick" to one job, I ask grandma to pick up the healthy kid from school so the other grandma can watch the puker while I run to the DMV, I run home twice between the post office and DMV to switch loads of laundry, I arange a hotel, a ride from the airport, dog babysitting, luggage borrowing and a harbor cruise. Then, after I cooked dinner... I went to work! And here I am! It's 1 am and I took a break from work to blog so that I could bitch.

So my point being responsible for "all things kid and home" is a part of our relationship that even I find hard to break away from. It's just a given that I will take care of all those things and even if I'm not directly taking care of the kids or cooking dinner I have done all the "staging" for those things to happen. I've bought the groceries, planned the meal, prepped as many things as I could and instructed on what needs done. I've set out clothes, made sure hair is washed, arranged alternate pick up and drop off...bla bla bla bla bla.

So the moral of this story is: If you have this much time to bitch about how busy you are then you really aren't that busy!!!
Hahaha. Ok, I'm done. It's really not as bad as it sounds. I think I just need to try and break out of the assumption that it's all my responsibility and speak up for what I need. I think I'll try that.

*I am going to Seattle for the weekend. Yes, I know it's rainy. No, I do not care. Yes, it is off season and super cheap.


Kathleen said...

Life in a Nutshell, well said, Sarah.

darcie said...

Yeah, i think you need to quit 6 of those jobs & come back to blog land, lol! Glad to hear things are going well for you guys. :O)

Corinna said...

Working like a dog... such as life. I hear ya girlfriend.

Glad to see you bloggin'
Peace out.