Monday, February 18, 2008

Staying close to the shore

I am back from Seattle and back to the daily grind. We came home on Saturday night so we (mostly I) had all day yesterday to unpack, do laundry, hang out with the kids, etc. It was really nice to have that little buffer day.
It was a really, really nice trip. The weather was fantastic! Sunny in Seattle in February! Woo! Just for me!
We stayed in a cute old hotel in Lower Queen Anne. It was super cheap and in a perfect little neighborhood! There were several restaurants on our block. A record store, a post office, a fantastic grocery store, a used book store and the Seattle Center! Not to mention that it was central to everything else in Seattle. The waterfront, downtown, the market, Fremont, Lake Union. I could go on.
I could have stayed there forever. "Mom, fly the kids over, we're staying!"
I was feeling a little sorry for myself that I could never move out of Boise to a bigger city because Jimmy would never go for it but then I had a reality check when we were walking around Lake Union. He was all excited for all the boats and mentioned some nut job idea of living on a boat. After shooting him down so quickly that he actually sizzled, I realized that we give and take. I give up living in a city because I know he would go crazy and he gives up living on a boat because I would go crazy.
Ya win some ya lose some. I guess I will settle for the occassional visit and he will settle for staying close to the shore.


Pam O. said...

Glad you all had a good time. You keep the fun alive by only having small doses of it. Even paradise would be ho hum after awhile. Your children were darling little angels for me as usual. Only a couple of mishaps. Thurs a.m. some vomiting and diarrhea. Friday and Sat both with a constipation problem from other child. One doll got an unscheduled hair cut, and Jamie ate all Olivia's box of Valentine chocolate and half of her pack of gum which she swallowed. Constipation?? Like I said , pure angels. I did need my Sunday nap this week.

Laurie Way said...

Hi Sarah! I came across your blog as I have a Google alert for Lake Union as I live, work, and have a boat on Lake Union. I was curious what hotel you stayed in on lower Queen Anne. You said it was not expensive. Was it worth the price? Would you stay there again? Just curious. It was a beautiful weekend for you to visit our great city...lucky you.

Sarah said...

I stayed at The Inn at Queen Anne. It was 69.50 per night (due to the off season)and definitely worth every penny. It was a charming old hotel and our room had a kitchenette. The metro market was kitty corner from the hotel so that was really convenient. I really liked it.
It was a fantastic weekend to visit!

Robyn said...

I'm glad you had a good time in Seattle. It's nice that you and Jimmy could get away by yourselves for a few days. I can't wait until Will and I can do that too.

Corinna said...

Sounds like a great time!

LoRi said...

hey sarah! just found your blog again after a year and it good to think of you again. hope all is well and I Love to visit Seattle! we go once or twice a year!

Pam O. said...

write a new post you big slacker. I know you have something interesting to say.

Jann said...

Glad you and the "skirted man" could get away for awhile....GREAT for you both...Seattle is beautiful and glad the weather was nice....:o)
Hope spring is treating you with warmth and color...:o)
Hugs from a far,