Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I can't win!

I spent half of my morning trying to get just the right amount of cereal and milk in Jamie's bowl. I spent at least 15 minutes getting her the "right" drink of water. Another 15 minutes trying to fix a broken banana just right. Another 10 minutes trying to hold her the right way on the couch. An entire freaking hour trying to figure out what the hell, "I want my blanket way out" means.
I did every single thing wrong over and over again. I have spent nearly 3 hours out of my day trying to reason with a two year old terrorist.
WHAT THE HELL????????????
This is how babies get shaken!
I am so beyond frustrated with her I could actually hurt her right now. Don't worry, I didn't.
I walked away. But what I really wanted to do was beat her.
I am the most frustrated with myself. Since when do you try to reason with a psychotic two year old? Dammit!


Corinna said...

Ok, first off... come on... Blanket way out! Now who doesn't know what that means!!! And I know I just about had a nervous break down the last time my banana was broke, next time I will call you... since you have broken banana repairing experience.

As for what the hell is wrong with her or you for that matter, I am going to tell you... are you ready?

The problem is... she is having a my world isn't perfect kind of day!

Which means... YOUR world... today is going to be nutso-crazy-jump-through-hoops-fix-broken-banana's-figure-the-hell-out-what-blanket-way-out-means... kind of day!

It is a standard day in the I have a two year old manual.

Now... how to get passed it.
Cook her a good, yummy dinner.
Give her a bath...
Hand her to Dad when he gets home... go get a coffee and browse for an hour to decompress then...
Upon arriving back at home...
One hell of a big bottle of wine.

Hope this helps.

Kathleen said...

Words of wisdon, Corinna.

Try laughing at the two year old while fixing banana, etc. etc. How can you or she be pissy when there's laughing going on? (Not sure this will work all the time, but hey, it's worth a try).

darcie said...

LOL, I like Corinnas advice too! Maybe you need to get out and scrap with the girls...

gabe said...

Cry baby, just kidding. Isabel gets like that every once in awhile.