Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Don'f forget!

Weigh tomorrow at about the same time that you did last week.
Then email or post your loss.
Good Luck!


Kathleen said...

152 WooHoo! They just keep dropping off. My bowler's butt ins better so I should be down another 2 lbs. next Wednesday. Can't wait to get back under 150. That's usually when I start working it all off again. Can't believe I let it get so out of hand this time.

Keep motivated girls!

Donaldson family said...

I lost 2 lbs! I am surprised...I actually thought I would gain some. :-)

Pam O. said...

Ya baby 135.5. I'm gonna run around the block I'm so happy!! That is as soon as my knee stops hurting.

Sarah O said...

134!!! Yea!

ERIKA said...

Oh YEA!! I lost 3 1/2 pounds, That's so great, and I didn't starve myself, I'm just walking Erik to school everyday. I like this a lot!!
THANKS for the Motivation.


HEY! Sara did you just lust SIX pounds in a week???!!!!!
WHAT!!!! Tell me your secret.

Anonymous said...

Down 3.5 pounds....(Gawd I should be....walking the tread 5 miles a day....)2.5 in the morning....2.5 in the evening...but my hubby will soon be taking his dinner downstairs to be with me...LOL I have not eaten past 4 but two night! But I just downed my steriod.....sheeet! But oh well. Kathleen....yahooo-eee for you my dear...GREAT results! Of course I am JEALOUS of Sarah O and Sara D...I wanna go to the Y...LOL or maybe just "cruise the block" with Pammers...:o)
Have a great week looser's! I am so pleased for us all....:o)
(Um..."looser's"....is totally meant to be a GOOD thing)
Hark, I hear a banana calling my name!
Smiles from the distance miles.....

Anonymous said...

I am down one pound. Could have been more if they would banish food and wine!Actually I'm pretty happy. I was on the treadmill 3 times this week...and remember I did pass up apple pie and a milkshake. Probably should have passed on the chocolate cake as well...but hey, I'm no saint! Sheri

Anonymous said...

down 2 pounds. 108 Sue

Anonymous said...

OK, I have been SOooooo busy today that this is the first time I've gotten to sit down and check in all day. I finally have all 8 pumpkins asleep at nap, make that 9..... my husband is napping too. So, I have 2 pounds to report missing from my body. I am not looking for them either. :) My strategy is to BE HUNGRY several times a day (Why isn't that as easy as it sounds?)and continue working out. But I have added the no eating after 7:30PM rule too.

Thanks for the motivation girls!


PS I love ya Sue, but I'm pretty irritated by 108Lbs! I think you are thin enough and I vote to boot you off the island :)

Sarah said...

YEA!! Everyone is losing weight! Good job girls!
I love it!
Yes, I lost six pounds but I'm sure that it's because I've gone from zero activity to a lot of activity. I'm sure it will level out.
Keep going!
Thanks Sara D, it was fun today!

Darcie said...

Ok, I'm not playing, but if it makes anyone feel better about only having a small loss I gained 3 pounds in the last 5 days. I found them in Florida, will someone tell me how to ship them back? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm down 3.5 lbs. I agree with Buffy that we should boot Sue off the island. Does she want to weight 0? =) And I think we should just boot Sarah for losing 6 lbs. No literally, I mean kick her, hard, hard enough that she will stop running around and feel a sudden need to eat chocolate. Ok so I'm just jealous. Does seething count as a physical activity? Melissa