Thursday, August 2, 2007

And we are off!

Jimmy and I are going to Portland tomorrow for a friends wedding. Woo-Hoo!!
We will be child-less and with our friends. I am really looking forward to some "grown up" time.
I borrowed a gorgeous dress from my sister in law that I tried on today and I was debating never taking it off because it is so cute!
I now have to wade through my mountain of laundry so I can have clothes to wear the other days...see you Monday!


Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT time Sarah!!!! Enjoy your time together....keep safe and look fab-uu-losss darlink!

gabe said...

So by "grown up" time you mean drinking? Just kidding hope you had a good time!

sarah said...

Yes, I mean tons and tons of drinking.

darcie said...

are you back? let's see a pic of you in the pretty dress drinking straight out of a keg, LOL!