Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hear the story and then vote at the poll...

*Option 1:
Build house on Shields.
We could build a house off of West State Street, near the old Highway 55. Our mortgage payment will stay about the same, our house will be very large and we will be next door to my mom and dad. The house will appreciate at a normal rate.

*Option 2:
Buy house on Regan.
Buy house on 23rd and Regan (about 6 blocks from Jimmy's shop). Our mortage payment will double. The house is very large and old and it needs quite a bit of work. (We could do almost all of the work ourselves.) If the popularity of the North End stays strong we could sell the house in a couple years for 100,000 to 200,000 more than we paid for it. We will offset our mortgage costs for about a year by sharing the house with my brother and his fiance. They are trying to save money to buy their own house. While they live there they will help with the work needed on the house.

Ok, that is as objective as it gets.
So, vote and leave your comments and then I will tell you which option I choose and detail the pros and cons of both options (for me).


darcie said...

Ok, I must explain my vote, lol! I voted for #1, but it wasn't a easy vote for me. I LOVE the idea of getting a older house, fixing it up, and the north end is a cool, funky, fun area. But, with little ones I know the fixing up is a pain in the rear (been there, done that), and you can customize a home you build to have little details that give the house a "older" feel/look. Plus, I think you would loove the space of the new house (is it the same plans you were considerig before?).

Just my 2 cents there, I think you would really be happy with either option though. :o)

Anonymous said...

Dearest cute Missy married to the "skirted man." (wink)
I vote next to Mummie. If I had a mom like Pammers....I'd be right there. Darcie is right...fixing up and doing all that needs done is hard when you have I vote for the right off of State Street and hey Eagle area is ALWAYS going to keep its value and go up....(sold my house there 2 years ago)...this I know Dahlink...for sure.
New things are so much funner.......potties, fixtures,lighting,heat that works...air conditioning...ect. You'd love it..and make it FABO !!!!
Hi to your mummie...miss you guys,
Hugs from the desserts that burn,

kelly said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm trying to catch up with blogging...Touch, touch choice. First, what does Jimmy want to do and second, does his opinion really count. Third, living next to your mom...priceless. It would be fun to renovate, but double mortgage...ouch!!! Even if it turns out o.k. by selling. Do you really want to move and sell in a few years. Coming from someone who has moved. Build your dream house! Stay put! Have the support of your mom and dad next door. I can't wait to see what you decide.

kelly said...

O.K. I'm mental, I know. It just gets worse. I meant to say TOUGH, TOUGH