Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have been in la-la land....here are my camping pics. Geez, I am such a picture slacker. I need to strap my camera to my neck. So, since I don't have the pictures to prove the fun that was had I will relate my favorites...Natalie style...things overheard while camping:

1) "It is so hot when he says, 'Get in the truck woman'".

2) "Lets drink this bottle first so we won't notice that the second bottle is rancid"

3) "Don't do that to me, kid. I will retaliate."

4) "Did you sleep last night?" "No, I thought the wind was going to pick the camper up and fling it across the campground."

5) "Grilling hunks of meat on a stick over the campfire is so hot"

6) "Don't you dare start flinging blobs of flaming marshmallow!!"

7) "Did you see that kid? He just jumped on my back and yelled go horsey go!"

8) "PAMELA!!! She was teetering on the edge!!!!"

9) "Oh my God, If I eat one more gourmet rice krispy treat I am going to blow"

10) "MOM! I am old enough to poke the campfire with a stick"

11) "But girls who poke the campfire with a stick will pee the bed"

12) "Remember that one time when you were on my shoulders and farted on my neck?"

Ok, here are the pictures that don't tell the story at all:


mom said...

I love trampin.!! Why do Buffy and I look like we had a hard night?What happened to Warrens hair? You really do pee the bed when you poke in the camp fire.Lets go again soon.

darcie said...

LOL, you guys crack me up!!! :o) Where did you go camping anyway-it looks someplace not rainy and col.

Sarah said...

Darcie...our favorite place! Miracle Hot Springs in Hagerman.

natalie said...

LOL...sounds like a total blast!!! #'s 2, 5, 9, and 11 CRACKED ME UP!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL....I am giggling Sarah.....looks like you guys had a great time.....Pammer...you look like the night before was WAY to fun....(big huggers)...I love photo's that aren't staged and just look like we all do once in a while....glad you all had a great time....miss ya,