Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It was a good Tuesday...

Here's the proof:

We had wine, we had a fire....Life doesn't get any better!

Jimmy's brother-in-law came for a quick visit last night. We have an interesting relationship...I love him dearly, he's fun, we get along really well but I hate the way my husband acts when he's around! Drives me nuts! Oh well, I usually end up having a blast when he visits.

The pictures below aren't from last night but they tell the story of Kordon. He is Jimmy's sister's husband and they have a boy, Morgan. Jimmy's sister passed away 8 years ago after giving birth to Morgan. She was 29 years old.
I never knew her but I see her every time I look at Olivia or Morgan or Moira. They all look exactly like her.
I really admire Kordon for continuing a strong relationship with her family even after she was gone. He and Jimmy are like brothers and he always provides opportunities for Morgan's grandparents to see him as often as they want.

Thanks for the laughter Kordon, I needed it!

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