Monday, April 9, 2007

I love a good purge

I have been cleaning out our office/storage room. It is a seriously multi-purpose room. It's where we store all of our books, magazines and photo albums. It's where Jimmy pays the bills. It's where I waste a phenomenal amount of time on the computer. It stores some random extra scrapbooking stuff, all of our filing, holiday decor, kids artwork, gun cabinet, giant chalkboard, map of our travels, childhood memorabilia, fabric, sewing machine, toys out of rotation, fun containers I can't get rid of, Jimmy's crap that I refuse to hang on the walls of our home, a photo printer, a paper shredder, two desks, two chairs, kids art supplies. I could go on. If you saw the remarkable variety of things stored in this room you would congratulate me on my ability to get rid of a lot of shit and really pare down to the essentials. I have fit a household and life time worth of stuff in this one room. Giving myself a huge pat on the back right now.
So, in the last few weeks my "room of wonders" has been getting a little...not so wonderful. So today I purged. I have two baskets full of stuff destined for a yard sale. A lot of stuff in the trash. I can spin a circle in the middle of the room. Everything is put away. I feel GOOD!


Anonymous said...

Spin those circles darlink......we all have one of "those" rooms.....LOL

corinna said...

WOW... sounds like you have been busy! You go girl!

natalie said...

Yeah!!! It is so incredibly good to purge all that STUFF!!!