Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I always wanted to...

Make a mini album of my favorite things. I have the album, I have the format in mind...I haven't started. Hmmm. I don't know why. I think that if I start and don't get finished in one sitting then it will never get finished.
So, I am starting here by posting two of my favorite things everyday until I start the album. One small thing and one big thing.
The small.....
White washcloths. I only own WHITE washcloths. As soon as they get grey or stained they go to the cleaning rag bucket. I buy them in a 24 pack at Costco every few months. Heavenly. There is nothing more satisfying than a big pile (folded in half and neatly stacked) of fluffy white washcloths. It makes me want to wash every face I see with a warm white washcloth.
The big....
My mother-in-law. She is so sweet, so real. She does nice things for my husband (her baby child). She does fun, sweet things with my kids. She always watches them when I need her to. She's flexible, she's laid back, she's a go with the flow kind of person. My kinda gal. I know that it's hard to get along with a mother-in-law sometimes but she is very easy to get along with and I know that she tries very hard to get along with me. She tries not to "step on my toes" when it comes to parenting her grandchildren or being the wife of her baby child. She's a really great mother in law and I am thankful for her every time I hear someone complain about theirs.

So....anyone else? What are your favorite things?


corinna said...

Ah... how sweet the things you said about your MIL. That is so great that you love her... and very important for the long run of it. It is great that she doesn't interfere with your parenting... very important!
I love white wash clothes, but I have to admit... they don't stay white long at my house. I have ghetto towels.

As for my fav's

I would say my small one is my daily dose of Diet Coke! it rocks and keeps me going!

My biggie would have to be my kids... they are the reason I breathe. I love them so deeply it hurts sometimes. Before I had kids I had no idea these unique-drive-you-almost-out of your mind-little people would change my life the way they have.

I think your album idea is great! I say go for it! Just do it!!!!!

darcie said...

Sweet post Sarah! You'r eluck to have a great mil, I have two of them & they're not so great, lol! They try though, so I give them credit for making some effort. :o)

My favorites....
small-all the beautiful flowers that are bursting open in my garden right now (and more on the way!).

big- I would have to say my kiddo's too. Even though they know just the button's to push & drive me up the wall I wouldn't trade them for anmything in the world!

Go make your album now, sounds like fun!

natalie said...

That sounds like a super cute album! I'm with Corinna: Just Do It!

Small things:
Rain hitting the roof
Fresh vegetables from my garden
A clean car
Ice cold water

Big things:
My marriage
My kids bedtime (OK, OK, maybe an hour before bed and an hour in the morning...during the day: beasts!)