Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh baby, it's rollin'

My dad came over last night to hash out a lot plan with Jimmy. At the last minute I remembered that I should probably take a picture of our "lot" lying on my kitchen floor with all the cut outs of the houses, pool, shop, shed etc. They were so funny with their big roll of butcher paper and both of them sitting on the floor moving stuff around. The conversation mostly revolved around "How big should the shop be?"
For those of you who don't know...My parents and I are building our houses right next door to each other. Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all..."What? Next door to your parents?!" Yep! That's right our houses will be ten feet away from each other. We will share a back yard. We will drop in unexpectedly on each other. We will eat many meals together. We will swim all summer with our friends and a million kids. When the next lot over comes up for sale we will talk Warren and Casey and Joe and Kelsey into building there. Someday, I will get on my soap box and preach to you about my favorite thing to preach about...People losing their connection with other people and isolating themselves from the rest of the world in the name of independence.


natalie said...

That sounds like a very interesting soap box indeed...looking forward to hearing about it! :)

I love the idea of the house next door! FUN! That's the way they did it "back in the day" as well...that way families support one another, they are there for one another, everyone is apart of their daily lives!!! Sounds awesome. My parents built their house about 12 down from me and around the is really kinda neat on many levels...I only wish my dad would have been around longer to actually enjoy it.

mom said...

We will have to takes turns on cooking though, I run out of ideas fast.But you know dad and Jimmy, if they don't have to wrestle it to the ground,they're happy. Hello hot dogs.We will have us a roarin good time around the cement pond.Your girls already got themselves some critters HeeHee!

Connie Jean said...

Just wanted to say hi ! Love the idea of you living so close to your Mom. I wish I could do that (instead of the 2000 mile gap that separates right now). Would love to hear you on the soapbox too!


Kathleen said...

Hi Sarah, good to see you on my blog too! I love reading yours. As for your soapbox, you just crawl right up there, honey. Having my family around all the time is definitely my bliss. Sometimes I think they feel a need to run from mom, but I don't let 'em get far! One of our favorite things is to spend all day saturday in the kitchen cooking and eating together. When it's warm and we can do it outside, fantastic. Make sure you leave plenty of running room for the kids!

Lori Renn said...

hey sarah! you lucky, lucky girl. i would love to have family around ALL of the time. can't wait to catch up Friday night. good times to be had my friend! xoxo