Wednesday, February 21, 2007


We are finally rolling on our new house!! Woo-Hoo! No ground breaking yet but my dad and husband are doing the work that needs done before we can start building...the lot split, sewer connected, ditch piped in, etc, etc. I'm so excited to get a plan back from the architect so I can start filling it with furniture. (in my imagination of course) I'm so obssesive that I already have a design book going! I've just been tearing everything that I love out of catalogs and magazines and putting them in the book. When I get a little further along and know what I can and can't have then I will narrow it down a bit. I'm a little overwhelmed because our new house will be more than 2x the size of the house we live in now. But...It will be sooo fantastic, I can't wait!


natalie said...

Ah....someone else who has books and notebooks for things! Love the design book idea! Very fun!

Sounds super exciting to be starting the process on your new home! It must be very satisfying building your own parents built three homes and I watched them build one of them...what an exciting, albeit frustrating at times, project!

Mom said...

luOkay Sarah, lets put this baby in motion. If dad or Jimmy even stop to take a breath I am going to horse whip them. I already had a DISCUSSION with your dad about dormers and vaulted ceilings. AARRRGGG. Men have no sense of style, just durability, functionality and cost effectiveness. Caution to the wind, I say we live like rock stars!! Not really you know how frugal I am. Can't wait to start shopping and choosing.

Corinna said...

Congrats! You must be so excited to finally be making some head way on your new home.

Pam!!! LOL... rock stars!!!! you are funny!