Sunday, December 10, 2006

List Consciousness

"List consciousness is a state of mind that is entirely future-oriented. With a subtle but constant quality of rushing, it operates on the premise that life will happen once everything gets crossed off The List... When you are in list consciousness, you are leaning into the future and completely missing the present. Practicing presence punctures the fantasy that somehow life will begin when the kids soccer season is over or when I lose 10 pounds or even when I take the meditation course and learn how to be more present! Practicing presence is bringing ourselves to the recognition that life is happening right now and it is inviting us to wake up and notice."
-Abby Seixas

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Lori S. said...

ok, so what you are telling me is that it is completely okay for me to fly by the seat of my pants and live the moment and work under pressure like I always do and not worry about the "to-do-list"?? No wonder you NEVER make me feel bad for being like that. You are so cool! I really like you!
Sat. was fun! Wish you wouldn't have had to bug out early...