Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Division of Labor

I do believe that this is a problem that most couples experience throughout their relationships. I believe it because I read a survey in a magazine that went something like this: (You believe everything you read, right?)

What percentage of household chores do you do?
Families where husband and wife both work outside the home:
Husband: 25%
Wife: 75%

Families where the husband works outside the home and the wife works at home:
Husband: 10%
Wife: 90%

Does that seem fair to you? No, I didn't think so! I have several theories on why this is so. One for example...Men can stand to wallow in their own filth and squalor and that of others. This is why they can ignore the moldy dishes and wrinkly (sometimes smelly) clothes.

So, here is the problem at my house...
I have been a stay at home mom for about 2 1/2 years and during this time I have done almost all of the househod chores (easily 90%) Needless to say, I have set a precedence. Enter the PROBLEM. I no longer am strictly a stay at home mom. I do spend a lot of time at home and with my children because when I do work I work long days. I am only away from home about 3 out of 7 days. In those 3 days I cram 40+ hours of work. Well, my husband spreads his 40 hours out over 5 days. The problem: To him I still look like a stay at home mom.
Brace yourself for some hokey math...

*Taking care of the kids is a job
*When the other person is home with you then your time counts as 1/2 time
*This is a Mon-Sat week since neither of us work on Sunday

I spend 42 hours away from home working
I spend 29 hours of waking time with children
Total hours worked: 71

My husband spends 40 hours away from home working
My husband spends 13 hours of waking time with children
Total hours worked:53

That is all I have to say.
I think I will share this information with my husband.

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Lori S. said...

ok, so I am too tired to do math tonight, but by tomorrow, I will have some hard data to go by and we will talk again...LOL. I think my math is about right too. Thanks for the info but now the million dollar question is, what the hell do you do about it?