Tuesday, June 28, 2011


**I love adding "-ish" to the end of words. I think it really fits my personality. I'm a grey person. Not a lot of black or white in my life, no siree.
Some examples:
"Hmmm. I'd say that it's pink-ish" or "It's been ten years-ish".

**I love Post Secret and even thought I've read thousands of secrets over the last couple years, many sad, thought provoking, deep dark secrets. Many funny secrets. There is one that remains my favorite:

"When people add "-ass" to the end of a word I mentally move the hyphen one word over"

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The Dead Acorn said...

I'd like to meet the developer who bailed out on the Boise Tower project, because that's one big-ass hole.

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

that was me...the hehehehe