Monday, January 24, 2011

Today I Am

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*wanting a fun home improvement project to occupy my time. One can only organize closets so much.

*loving the weekend I just had. Sunshine, bikes, rock 'n' roll, dirt and grass and plenty of jammie time.

*wondering how to teach my kids about money

*thinking I better grab a book on that subject. Recommendations?

*feeling so incredibly grateful for my mom and dad

*enjoying the possibilities. Chickens anyone?

*smiling at how funny my little monkeys are

*rejoicing in their ability to play together and be kind to each other (mostly)

*planning some mid century modern home decor

*wishing someone had told me not to close that store credit card 10 years ago. I could use that 6 point bump


Pam O. said...

You should see the awesome diy book I got. Makes me want to redo my whole house. Get movin girl I'm in thr mood for paintin.

The Dead Acorn said...

Gus-Gus would love some baby chickens, I'm sure.