Monday, January 3, 2011

Do you remember the purple lady at the library! ?

Do you remember her? I loved her when I was a kid. Ok, actually I was terrified of her but I admired her gusto!
That is who I felt like today when I realized I'd dressed in mostly purple. I gave myself a little pat on the back when I noticed that my wool ski socks (also purple) were poking out of the top of my boots. Bonus! All purple and dorky. But in that cool, endearing way. Just my style!

Speaking of cool, endearing and dorky: Notice my resolution? You guessed it! Blog! I've thought about why I don't blog much anymore and despite all the complicated bla bla crap-ola, mostly I'm just lazy. Too lazy to think up a witty and interesting tidbit for my adoring audience. How rude of me!

So I've devised an elaborate plan that involves themes, rewards, timers, index cards, dancing bunnies, lists, photos, etc, etc and it will all result in......drumroll........ a blog post here and there.
I like it. I like having one silly goal that involves list making (I'm sick) and index cards (even sicker) and timers (oh God, don't tell my mom) and all for the sake of a blog post here and there.

HEY!! It's what's on the inside that counts! Sheesh!


The Dead Acorn said...

Is the name going to change to sarahburpledressedinpurple?

Lori S. said...

Love it!

Shelley said...

Do you have any more information about the purple lady? She was such an icon in the Boise area, but recently when I googled her to possibly show pictures to out of towner, I found close to nothing on her. Really? Someone really should do a biography of her or something to commemorate her life.

Anonymous said...

Love you Mom

D.Smith said...

Oh, I miss her! I used to look for her all the time to check my one book out because she was so sweet and funny. She'd give me a candy heart in Februrary, too! Our weird little school made regular trips to the library, and each time I'd get to see the purple lady! What a wonderful person. Even as a kid I had a good sense of people and their underlying character, and she just glowed.