Saturday, July 4, 2009


Our house is finally on the market! Woo!

Craigslist Ad

I know I promised a picture of the summer digs two weeks ago but shortly after that post I had a little accident and have been in a narcotic induced coma (with a little facial reconstruction surgery thrown in for good measure) over the past two weeks. summer home...

And that brings the count at my mom and dad's house to 10! Warren upstairs in his Waldorf suite, Joe and Kels are our neighbors in the apartment attached to the garage and we are camped out in the tent trailer, sharing a little yard with them.

I have to say that in light of my recent need of drugs and ice at all hours of the day/night that I'm actually really glad that we are here. Someone is always here to check up on me (no one has a real job). I've been sleeping in my mom's bed because she sleeps like a wrapped mummy so there is no fear of being whacked in the face in the middle of the night and she doesn't grumble when I need more drugs at 3am. She's a good nurse, that one.

Everyone has been doing their best to keep me entertained. When I couldn't read or watch TV Warren set me up with some podcasts and last night we had a movie outside on the back lawn. My mom is doing her best today to make it seem like we're having a 4th of July party. (Even though no one is coming over and there are no fireworks. hehe)

I don't know how long we'll be camped out here. Hopefully our house sells quickly and the we'll go from there...

Who knows what will happen then?!


Sheri said...

So happy to see that you are feeling well enough to Blog! Just out of curosity....why don't you live in your house while it is on the market?

Sarah said...

Because Jimmy is a total nut job. hehe It wasn't my first choice. He is the last one to leave in the morning and he gets the kids ready for school he doesn't want to be the last one out the door and responsible for making sure the house is ready to show every day. We put our house on the market last year and he was really frustrated with the situation and didn't want to do it again and I knew that if I said, "no way, we're living here" then he would have said, "Fine, we aren't selling then"

Sheri said...

Oh how funny! Well, at least it is staged and ready to go! Good luck...hope it sells fast for you. The pictures on Craigslist are beautiful. Really like the back yard.