Saturday, May 9, 2009

Family Drawing Time

Read this.

Last summer we rid ourselves of that pesky television and as an alternative to evening TV watching I bought some new games and art supplies.
The best purchase was these sketchbooks.
I bought one for everyone and everyone got new markers, colored pencils and oil pastels. The girls and I have spent a lot of time drawing in our sketchbooks. We don't collaborate, we just draw or write whatever is on our mind. It has been a nice way to wind down in the evenings and I love looking through them later to see all the different things they've made. Sometimes they'll dictate a story about their drawing and those are so fun to look back on.

In January we had filled them up so we took a little outing to Quality Art to buy new ones. We also bought a giant roll of butcher paper for collaborative drawing (just like the post above)

We have covered the table a few times and did some big drawings where we each added to one another's and we have made some wrapping paper but my favorite "giant butcher paper project" was this:

We cut up a Burpee seed catalog (for hours, I think) and made our imaginary garden. Each of us with a little plot to put whatever we wanted in. (Yes, those are my orderly rows.)
So...BLA BLA BLA! I said all that to say: I highly recommend some family drawing time. Either on your own paper but working side by side or an a ginormous paper working together. It's fun. It's relaxing. It's a great way to get your kids talking about what they're thinking about.
Now...if we could just get that one obstinate member of our family to participate.
Side note: That dream garden hangs in our hallway and we LOVE looking at it and so does everyone that comes to our house!

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Lori said...

Hey I just re-read this post today because I was asking Bryan where we could pick up a giant roll of butcher paper. He was asking what for and so I just read him your post and your link within the post. We are getting ready to do our big "Summer 2009" Board like we did last year...

but this time I want to do it in that way. I think it will be way more fun & they will LOVE it! Where do you get your butcher paper? Let me know! And did you plant a real garden at all after that?