Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday I stopped off at the Collister branch LIBRARY! to drop off some books and Jimmy noticed a little antique mall-y thing next door. Since we didn't have kids in tow I agreed to go in . Antique mall-y things are not my favorite thing but sometimes I'm in the mood and can enjoy it. I have a similar feeling about yard sales and Ross.

So yesterday I was in the mood enough to agree to go and I'm so glad I did!

I found a gorgeous butter yellow tweed coat that fit absolutely perfectly! Like it was made for me!

When I was ready to check out the lady at the register said that she had a friend that worked at Frederick & Nelson in the 50s.

"That was when they had full time elevator operators and my friend was an 'elevator girl'. She wore these little white gloves and she just opened and closed the iron elevator doors all day long."
I wish the picture looked a little better. All the lighting in my house looks so sickly when it's grey outside. Bleck.


N*88 said...

I know what you mean, sometimes I can't stand thrift stores. Last week I spent two and a half hours in Savers. All about the mood.

The Dead Acorn said...

Finally, the "dressed in yellow" part of your URL makes sense. I've been confused about that for a long time.

finally dressed in yellow said...

Actually, Dead Acorn, it's all about going upstairs to kiss a fellow, making a mistake and kissing a snake. Maybe you're familiar with the rhyme?