Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lovin' Right Now

1. Making a couple things for Christmas from this book and this blog.
Making things used to be my favorite thing to do, but lately (my mom is a little horrified, I think) my "maker" is totally broken. I haven't even bought any pretty paper lately. Maybe it's coming back, slowly.

2. New books from the library.
I get so caught up in buying books that I forget that crazy little thing called borrowing.

3. Different ways to celebrate winter holidays.
Jodeen (yoga teacher at school) talked about Solstice today in my class. Saturday night I'm going to incorporate her idea into our little Solstice celebration. Isn't that what we're calling it, Jen? hehe

4. A stack of wool sweaters from the thrift store.
To felt and recycle into cute little things like this! Gotta get lots of things to do in the winter! This will be our first NO TV winter. Cross your fingers for us. This book is so adorable.


Sheri said...

But what do you do with "things like this"? I guess thats my problem....looks like stuff I would have to dust and clean around!

Megan said...

No fair!!! I wish I was crafty like you!