Sunday, November 16, 2008

Coming into the 21st Century. Slowly.

No more annoying T9 bullshit for me!
and in other news...
My phone totally died, locked itself, and the #3 won't work so I can't unlock it. So, the tech guy at Verizon tried everything he could think of but no luck. phone number transfer and I can't even unlock my phone to do it manually. I didn't realize how heavily I relied on it. I started to program numbers in from memory and realized that I only know like 3 phone numbers. So, if you don't hear from me for months, that's why!
Or you could call me or send me a text message!
Actually this is just a pathetic plea for phone calls.
One time I read the saddest secret EVER on Post Secret. It said something like...
"I got the new iPhone and it still doesn't ring anymore than my old phone."
Check out Natalie's soapbox about how owning cool stuff doesn't make you cool. Love it! Girl after my own heart (as my mom would say)
And I'm rambling and this all ties together somehow.


The Dead Acorn said...

I can't believe you didn't go with one of these two:


Anonymous said...

So what was the list in the prior post??? Sheri

Anonymous said...

Christmas name drawing

Anonymous said...

Thank you...I just love knowing I was right! Doesn't matter to anyone but me, but it makes me sooo happy! SZ
PS: Most people do name drawing at Thanksgiving guys are so ahead of most folks! Proud to know ya!