Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Friday I'm in love

It's just the first song that popped into my head containing the word "Friday". Sorry. No energy to think of a better one.

So today...

  • Took Jamie to school and headed over to my class to help them get ready for their outing to the shop.

  • Spent almost an hour touring the shop. I scored major cool teacher points with one of the dads when it came to talking about my Cadillac.

  • Headed back to school so I could switch classes and work the 3-4-5's lunch bunch.

  • Ate lunch with 5 little monkeys. I ate hummus and crackers that I scrounged from the kitchen at school.

  • Walked to the Co-Op with Betsy and got a cup of clam chowder and hunk-o-bread.

  • Walked back to school so we could eat our soup and bitch about one of the other teachers.

  • 4-5's class started outside. Borrowed a coat from Nicole because it is FREEZING!

  • Worked in the 4-5's until 4:00. Made yummy nachos for snack.

  • Had a great time working with Betsy.

  • Headed to the shop to pick up Jimmy so we can get the kids from my mom and dad's house.

  • Got really annoyed at having to wait at the shop for over an hour.

  • Started snowing.

  • Picked up kids let them play in the slushy snow in grammy's front yard.

  • Drove down Hill Road toward home and noticed that some cars were covered in snow.

  • Drove down Cartwright road to look for that snow. Lots of snow!!

  • Headed home. Picked up a Little Ceasars Hot N Ready pepperoni pizza. $5 and it feeds everyone.

  • Girls played in the snow in the backyard.

  • Came in, took a bath to warm up and ate their pizza.

  • Spent 2 hours cleaning the house.

  • Went to Fred Meyer for light bulbs and bought some small clear containers.

  • Brought them home with the announcement, "Ok girls! It's sorting time!"

  • Sorted a mountain of stuff into 4 containers. Littlest Pet Shop. Polly Pocket. Barbies. Barbie Clothes and Accessories.

  • Sorted and pared down dress up clothes, stuffed animals, baby dolls and random small toys. Made room for the pretend kitchen to come down out of big grammas storage. And two other things that can fit into some small-ish baskets. I'm voting for unit blocks and cars.

  • The girls are really good at saying, "Yeah, we play with that." or "No, we don't really use that."

  • Made a "donate" bag and a "rotate into storage" bag.

  • Had a little nacho feast in the girls' bedroom while Jimmy read another Curious George story.

  • Now, they are in bed and Jimmy is asleep too! I am going to read magazines and drink an entire bottle of the bathtub, probably.

  • Tomorrow is the school carnival and carpet shampooing at home. Gosh my life is exciting!

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