Friday, October 24, 2008

I lost my mind today

and I have no buyers remorse.

I bought the cutest juju purse EVAH! It's gorgeous chocolately brown and HUGE! I can fit a kid in there, for sure.

I usually have a ton of crap crammed into a ratty old messenger or other similar sized bag and then I just snag my phone, keys and cute little card holder thing (that my sister-in-law gave me) when I go into a store or restaurant. It gets annoying because I then have my stuff just loose sitting on a table or the bar or in the cart at the store.

No more! I am hauling this mama in with me! Oh, she's so lovely. I want to pet her.
This could possibly be the girliest thing I have ever written.


Pam O. said...

OMG,That is one cute bag!! Wheres the new shoes?

Sarah said...

They aren't very exciting so no picture. Dumb 'ol black Danskos but I DO love them!

darcie said...

Sweet! Where'd ya find it?

Kathleen said...

It's no sin to do girlie things too!
Take from a true tomboy... ;-)

Sarah said...

Darcie- It's a juju bag. She has a store at BODO and the mall. It's a local girl-super sweet.

darcie said...

Ooooh, that's the newer store in the mall with all those adorable bags! I love to go in & see what's new, so many fun bags there! I guess I didn't know she was local, now I might have to buy my next purse there. :o)