Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Day At The Beach

Our first glimpe of the ocean since we arrived.
A cool exhibit about the Coast Guard. The area at the mouth of the Columbia receives A LOT of Coast Guard action.
Kids checking out the shipwreck. Gabe and I hunched up against the wind.
I always wonder how Melissa manages to look so fantastic. There are 4 pictures of me throughout the day and I am scowling in every single one!!
We left at 8 pm on Wednesday night (sheesh, that was last night!) and headed to "the beach". The Oregon Coast.

72 pounds of pistachios, lots of tunes on the new iPod and only two stops.

We were in Seaside at 4 am.

We stopped at the management company to get the key and had a brief panic over not being able to get the key out of the lock box. We finally got it open and crashed hard at the house.

The kids woke up at 7:30 because they had slept the entire way there.

I dragged out of bed around 8 and walked the kids the couple blocks to the beach. They just had to see it before we did anything else. It was cold and misty but still so beautiful. I love it when the waves are huge and the sky is grey.

A little trip to Safeway for provisions and then back to the beach to take advantage of the few moments of sun.

A quick trip to the aquarium to feed the seals and touch all the weird things in the touch tables. I touched a sea cucumber!

Back to the house for lunch and a little laziness.

Melissa and Gabe arrived and we headed to Astoria to the Columbia River Maritime Musuem.

Interesting but maybe too long for the kids

Watched ships move around at the mouth of the Columbia

Melissa and I decided it was tea time. Not for tea but for a between lunch and dinner snack.

Fish and chips from a street vendor.

Headed to Fort Stevens State Park to scope out hiking for tomorrow.

Stopped by the Peter Iredale (shipwreck) and watched people dig for clams

Kids were wet and dirty so we headed back to the beach house.

Stuck the girls in the bath tub and started dinner while Melissa and Gabe made a trip to Safeway for Diet Coke.

Yummy dinner-Kels' Tortellini, cheese bread and BLT salad.

Slabs of lemon cake for dessert

Watched Shrek together

Loaded all the pics of the day onto the computer and watched a slideshow of our day. The girls loved it.

Kids in bed!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Yon musta posted just now cause I was just checking space out
a second ago. Daddy/ Grampy

Anonymous said...

What the boss (dad) was calculating was your probable land speed in order to reach 526 mile destination in under 9 hours. I have been stocking up on several new brands of whoopass and I`m going to have some open so as to use them on both of ya`l asses.

Daddy Mean Gene

Pam O. said...

I am so jealous!! Lokk at allthem little girls havin fun. Hope somebody eats shrimp with little Gabby.

Jann said...

Glad your all having such a great time.....Breathe it all in for us...I bet its beatuiful.

Anonymous said...

HMMMMM Tortellini, and the beach. That sounds like a great combo! Can't wait to see you when you get back, and see all the pics. Love ya Kels