Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Joe!

Today is my little brother's 26th birthday! I called him and did a very poor rendition of "Happy Birthday!" I am sure that my mom and older brother did the very same thing. Maybe their singing was better....I doubt it.

In are my 26 favorite things about Joe:

1. He is so freakin' funny. Pee your pants hilarious.

2. He has turned out to be a really fantastic dad. I'm only a little surprised.

3. Joe is the most generous person I know. This says a lot because everyone in my family is a fault.

4. He regularly gives money/possessions to homeless people. (See #3)

5. He is so freaking charming that despite his numerous run-ins with the law he still manages to convince everyone that it wasn't really his fault.

6. He really does have an uncanny ability to attract the attention of police. You can't help but feel that it really wasn't his fault (a little bit)

7. He makes these really gross eating noises that are strangely endearing.

8. He is so mean to me but would never allow anyone else to be.

9. He never makes fun of me about my nose or T-Rex arms.

10. He can convince my kids to do really scary things and make them feel safe in the process. (Not scary dangerous...just scary for a 4 year old. Well, maybe a little dangerous)

11. One time, he read a book! (hahahaha)

12. He is so protective of his wife and boy. It's so sweet.

13. He builds crazy random things and they work.

14. He gets little boy excited about those things and it's so inspiring.

15. He tells the best stories.

16. He can totally work the white trash into everything he does and he makes it look so cool.

17. "Dude, that Cadillac is so bitchin'. I would just sit there, parked on the street, hang my arm out and smoke a cigarette."

18. When he makes fun of people, it is so hilarious that they end up laughing.

19. He is easily entertained by stupid things...just like me.

20. He can sit around talking for hours about nothing...just like me.

21. Or talk for hours about something serious...not like me at all.

22. He is so conservative and it amazes me that he hangs onto those views despite the constant pressure from me and Warren. He is sooo my parent's child and I love it.

23. Old ladies stare at him. They really stare when he gets a whim and goes all crazy with the hair.

24. #22 and #23...such a contradiction and that makes it all the better.

25. He can convince anyone to give him what he wants. Even me. Especially me. So frustrating but I know that those powers are also used for good and not evil.


26. I have to love him. He's my brother.

I love you Joe. Happy Birthday! I hope it was really, really great. I miss you!


Robyn said...

What a great birthday tribute! It makes me love Joe too, even though I've only met him a couple of times. It's nice that you can find so many wonderful things about your brother. Happy B Day, Joe!

Pam O. said...

I'm peeing my pants just reading those. It is so true all of it. Seriously no doubt who his daddy is. He made so much fun of my big butt while at the coast, he caused me to start taking a little pride in it. Obviously it attracts attention. As for old ladies lovin him....OMG it's almost embarrassing sometimes how they fawn over him. The geriatric magnet stuff he gets from his Mom.
P.S. I'm still so proud of him reading that whole book.