Monday, July 14, 2008


I planned on posting pictures of my postcards today but I forgot the stupid cable to hook my camera to my computer.
But a little update anyway...
The girl that is organizing the swap took an early vacation so I have not mailed any out. Turned out to be a good thing because it sounds like I'll have to make 15 and I've only made 7.
I decided to go with a "simple pleasures of summer" theme. It wasn't hard because I am all about the simple pleasures in everything. (My friend, Buffy, would call it "easily entertained". hehe)
So, I decided on some simple pleasures and then to help me with a direction I labeled them with a color and basically stuck to that color for every piece of the postcard.
I promise to post pictures tonight. I know the pictures won't quite do them justice because they are very textured. On one of them I even embroidered on a piece of an old sheet. I had so much fun making them. I'm hooked.
So, here's the list. Read it and then leave me a comment about your favorite simple pleasure of summer. I need 6 or 7 more!

1. Bare feet in the grass (green)
2. Colorful cotton skirts (red)
3. Summer love (pink)
4. Hot sun (orange)
5. Cold water (blue)
6. Cool sheets (white)
7. Sleeping under the stars (black)


Jann said...

How about.....????

Sun Tea seeping in a jar. (Amber)
Cold ice Cream in a bowl. (white)
The smell of Lilacs. (purple)
Sun drenched skin. (pink)

Love the photo's of the camping trip....and loved your conversation with your daughter on the way home...:o)
Smiles from the miles,

The Dead Acorn said...

Surely there must be some other tasty beverage that could represent the amber hue ...

Kathleen said...

Watching clouds float by (periwinkle)

Robyn said...

Great ideas, Jann!

Here are a few more -

picnics in the back yard (red and white, maybe black for the ants?)
posicles (any vibrant colour will due)
napping in a hammock (not sure on a colour - maybe something soft)
lemonade (yellow)

Hope this helps. I can't wait to see what you have made!