Monday, July 28, 2008

Some random things for a Monday

1) My mom posted over on her blog about these skirts so here is one...aren't we cute?

2) My mom says that I am an "oversharer". She thinks that I tell people too much about myself and sometime it's going to bite me in the butt. For some reason I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I think I've come to a conclusion. I have decided that I'm going to continue to be an oversharer. Here's why: First, as long as I'm talking about myself and how I feel and I am honest while keeping in mind that I shouldn't say things that hurt other people then there could only be harm done to me and no one else. Second, Being direct is a unique part of my personality that I'm not willing to give up in the interest of playing it safe. Last, It weeds out the sissies. If you know who I am, quirks, faults and all then you love me or you don't.

3) I can't believe the summer is almost over. I feel like I've been running non-stop. It's one of the things that I love about summer but it's also the thing that makes me long for sweaters.(I know that makes no sense but it does in my crazy world)
So, this last weekend I finally stayed home and it was really nice. Watched movies, did some swimming, went to the Saturday market, finished all my laundry, bought groceries and a bunch or random household things (hangers, ironing board cover, etc). It was really great and mundane and helped me draw a conclusion. It really is all about balance and your personal balance may be different from anyone else's. I like to be busy and have a lot of things to do, places to go, etc and when I have several days that feel a little crazy then I can appreciate the days that are "everyday life" kind of days. I have been struggling with feeling guilty about not wanting to be home doing "mom things". I have been working a lot and really enjoying it and for some dumb reason I feel bad for enjoying it. I guess it's just mom guilt.

4) Later today I will be posting pictures of our summer so far, more hiking pics and my postcards.

EDITED: For some reason my skirt pic isn't showing up...I'll try again later today.

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Buffy said...

I say go ahead and overshare! I love you for it!

-Not a Sissie