Thursday, June 12, 2008

What's that? What do we do with all of our television-free time? Well here, let me tell you.

The TV left us some new art supplies. Some markers, colored pencils, oil pastels and watercolors for each of the kids. Having your own set is very important in our house. We all use our art supplies differently and some of us (Olivia and I) get really annoyed with dull, broken crayons and messy watercolors. Ahem. And we each got a new sketchbook. We have all been using them nearly every night and sometimes a couple times a day. Everyone's looks different. Mine is a mix of writing (mostly) + project ideas + sketches + things glued in for inspiration. Olivia's is usually a very complicated, mixed media drawing with a detailed story behind it. Jamie is all about the process. She writes with a pencil just so she can erase it and blow away the eraser crumbs. She mixes markers with oil pastels with watercolors just to see what they'll do and if mom will get annoyed that she's "ruining" them. (Which I haven't so far. I've been very good about letting everyone work in their sketchbooks in their own way.) Jimmy's is Sharpie doodling. He is a little resistant to my proposal that he can do whatever he wants in his sketchbook..even write about things he needs to do at work and that the important part is that we are all doing it together. I'm pretty sure he thinks I totally suck and that getting rid of the TV was the worst idea ever. is the good that came of it..well, a lot of good has come of it but...Jimmy took his drums over to his parents house about the time Jamie was born because we didn't have the space for them. He's been meaning to pack them back home because he has the space for them in the garage now but he just hasn't gotten around to it. On Tuesday night he finally went over and brought them all home. Yesterday he took the kids to the store and got them kid-sized drumsticks. Last night they all played together for a while then Jimmy played on his own while the girls danced around. It was so cool for him to be able to share with them, something he was so passionate about. Olivia woke up this morning and went right out there to drum before she even got dressed. Had we had the distraction of the TV she would have never done it.

We've also done a little embroidery. The kids are using burlap and tapestry needles. Jamie is, once again, all about the process. She loves switching colors and putting the needle in and out. Each time she flips it over and contemplates the next poke. It's so adorable. Olivia wants to make "something". She started on a cat that I just hand drew on her burlap for her. She told me that when she gets better she wants to embroider a bike for Uncle Warney. So sweet.

It's been a really great experience so far. I'm happy that I took the leap and just did it. I've been wanting to for a long time

Oh yeah..I was pushed over the edge by this website and her book

Edited: My gosh someone call the grammar police on me. Apparently I need to practice writing a little more. Sheesh.

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natalie said...

OMG! I LOVE the idea of the sketch books! That sounds TOTALLY FUN! We have implemented a few things this summer and one of them is a total "fun" day where we do, well, fun things, LOL, but that don't necessarily cost any money (or very little of it).

As for TV. Ah, yes. I give you kudos BIG TIME for that! I wish I had the will power. Although, I'd like to unplug for maybe a know, baby steps! LOL. I have noticed that I am personally watching less since the kids have been home! LOL. What we are doing is giving them "tickets" for a total of 4-hours a week of TV and trying that. I figure if I "catch them being good" or something maybe I will dole out more tickets...easy and FREE.

As for the heart went pitter patter! Embroidery is such a lost art these days!!!! So, YEAH FOR YOU!!!! My kids actually enjoy it too although Josh, believe it or not, he does embroider, LOL, I know, a preteen boy embroidering, shhhh...but, he doesn't always have the patience...Harrison loves it and Jennifer loves it but struggles with the "starting" and "stopping" aspects of it. You must post pictures of their projects...I'd love to see them!!!

Thanks for the inspiration...I think it is a FANTASTIC lesson to turn that tube off like that! I think the TV not only makes them zombies half the time but only feeds their constant (constant!!!) desire for WANT, WANT, WANT!

(I'm also going to go and pick up sketch books for everyone...THANKS for the great idea!!)