Friday, April 25, 2008

Number 22

Ya'll know how much I like to talk about my refrigerator...

I have been in denial for about a month but my refrigerator...ok, typing that whole word is taxing me. At the risk of sounding stupid I am going to say fridge. Bear with me.

So anyway...My fridge has been dying a slow painful death for a while. On Monday, in an effort to do number 22, I went grocery shopping and loaded up on veggies. I purchased most of my groceries from the periphery of the store just like all those healthy people tell you to do. I went home and unloaded all $150 worth of groceries into my fridge and freezer. A little while later I opened the fridge to grab something out and it was room temperature. Hmmmm. Very strange. I called my mom (when all else fails run home crying to your mommy and daddy...I do this a lot) and she said that sometimes it gets dirty under the fridge and a simple whoopy-woo swish of your vacuum can help your fridge run more efficiently (I call her Martha. But with much stricter moral standards. How can a person be more uptight than Martha, I do not know. I love you mom and mean this in the nicest way.) So that evening Jimmy and I pulled the fridge out (OMG YUCK!) and cleaned on, in, under, around, over and out. We put a thermometer in and left it overnight. In the morning the fridge was at 50 degrees. Ew, throw away the mayo!!

Oh my gosh this is a long story...

Wrap it up...frantic repair guy phone calls ensued, I was without a fridge for 2 1/2 days and I ate popcorn for dinner on Tuesday because this is "No eating out" month. (April 22-May 22). End of story.

So, I have my food back (It was at Martha's) and I have a lot of veggies staring at me and yelling "Eat me!! With cheese!! And butter!!" Any suggestions on how to get my family to eat all these veggies? Without a lot of cheese or butter?
I found a yummy grilled eggplant recipe that I am making tonight but I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one who will be excited about it.
Oh well...I believe it says, "Eat more green stuff. ENCOURAGE my family to" I won't be a failure if they choose not to, right?


darcie said...

You should check out the all recipes site, just type in the name of your veggie & it will come up with all kinds of goodness. :o) It's my fav site right now, we've made a ton of good stuff from it. :o) Other than that, we love zucchini sauted with a little butter, some johnnys season salt & lemon pepper and we also love baked asparagus-just drizzle it with some olive oil, soy sauce & fresh minced garlic. Easy & super good. I think I baked it at 350 for 15-20 minutes.
Gad you got your fridge & food back, lol!

Anonymous said...

So is it a new fridge or were they able to repair yours? Sheri

Sarah o said...

They repaired mine for 130 some dollars. Not too bad.

natalie said...

Right now my favorite vegetable is Kale! Sauteed in a little oil and garlic...DELISH. Also, roasting vegetables makes them taste FABULOUS and therefore the kids end up LOVING them...we have done that with a mixture of squashes, red onion, and asparagus. I also roasted BRUSSEL SPROUTS (which I was not normally a fan before...) but they were absolutely the best tasting vegetable I've had in a LONG time!