Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ready! (Geez I hope so)

The giant list of little annoying household projects is finally done! I think we are ready to put our house up for sale! Woo!
Jimmy and I drove around last Thursday looking at the "comps" our realtor sent us. The ones that we felt were closest to ours as far as size, updating, lot size, etc were 189,00-ish. I think that is where we'll start. It's so frustrating to know that we could have sold our house a year ago for much more. Oh well...such is life, I suppose.

In other news...there is really no other news.


Kathleen said...

Personally, I'm annoyed you don't have internet. I miss your blogging.Yes, I know, I spend all day in front of the computer, but the blogs are a nice diversion from my all day computer chores. Thanks.

Sarah said...

I know, I know. I miss my blogging too.