Friday, January 11, 2008

Let the games begin!

Ok girls!
Blog Diet Challenge begins again!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday season and didn't totally negate all the work you did last time. I did.
When we met for the end of the last challenge we discussed things we'd like to do differently this time around. One of those things was weighing together at the end and the beginning. I really would like to do that but I know that it would be a pain in the butt to get everyone together at the same time twice. So, we are going to end up doing it the same as before...weigh yourself on your scale at home and use the same scale to weigh at the end. This is very important because scales vary quite a bit. I weigh almost 10 pounds more on my mom's scale!
Another thing we discussed is doing a percentage loss rather than a flat poundage loss. For example: I weighed 140 pounds at the beginning and weighed 126 at the end. (I wish) So I lost 14 pounds and 10% of my body weight. Sue weighed 110 at the beginning and then weighed 99 pounds at the end. She only lost 12 pounds but 11% of her body weight so she would actually win, not me. Make sense?
And one more thing...I noticed that everyone started to lag when we got a little further in so we are shortening this one up to 6 weeks instead of 9.
I also want to discuss one more thing...I want to put in more money per person. What do you think? I think it's too easy to walk away from $20. I wanted to do $50 and I've had some people jump right on the bandwagon and some say that it's too much. What do you think?
I heard another idea from someone else that I thought I might throw out there. It's like a poker game. It'd work like this: Everyone who is interested puts in $20 to begin. At the 6 week mark we "up the ante" and we'd go another 2 or 3 weeks. You can put in another $30 if you feel good about your "cards" and you think you have a good chance of winning or you can "fold" then and just be out your $20 instead of $50.
Just an idea, feel free to discuss.

Ok...Blog Diet Challenge will begin on Wednesday, January 16th (Sorry Kathleen)
and will end on Wednesday, February 27th.
Please discuss (in comments) what you think of the changes and on Tuesday night I will post "official rules and regulations" based on your discussion.

The more, the merrier!

One more thing. Thanks for the suggestion Kathleen!


Anonymous said...

I would stay the heck off your Moms scales.....I know that for sure! Sheri

Corinna said...

Wow, I am so impressed... You are ready to jump back on that horse!
That is awesome! I will be routing for you... All of you guys!

Anonymous said...

I went on vacation over Christmas break and "found" six of the eight pounds that I had lost on the last challenge! Argh! I am in again!! I liked the poker idea! I would like to suggest that in order to participate that each person must join within one week of the 16th OF January WITH MONEY TO SARAH. She who doesn't pay, doesn't play. I would further like to suggest that posting weekly gains/losses are mandatory. No surprises! That is my two cents worth. Who else wants to play??


Sarah, you do realize that you scheduled this diet challenge to start BEFORE our camping trip with the previously mentioned fire toasted bisquits on a stick filled with butter and honey!!?!

Kathleen said...

Sorry, couldn't wait! I started on Sunday Jan. 6th. I lost 3 lbs. already. But, I will be most happy to take your money anyway! Erica and I vote for the "Poker Run". I like the website, Sarah!