Monday, October 29, 2007


I was tagged by Connie and I don't want to be a party pooper so here are my 7 random facts...
They are totally mundane and everyone knows them but I have no brain juice because snot is overtaking every spare inch of my we speak. Sorry.
I'll do it like this...those of you who have done this recently...I'm stealing your "random facts" and making them my own. Gee, you girls are so inspirational!

1. (Connie) I am a book-a-holic also. I mostly read at night in bed or in the bathtub. I am a fast reader too, so when I'm really into a book I can finish it in one or two nights.

2. Before I was a mom I was a teacher. I am slowly easing back in so that I don't have a 10 year hole on my resume when I do go back to work. Also, I am going back to school next fall.

3. (Natalie) When I was in high school I planned on going to University of Idaho. I spent a few days there during my senior year and I even planned on pledging Gamma Phi Beta...bla, bla, bla. I stayed home and went to BSU...all for a dumb boy! When my girls get older I am going to make them go away for college...especially if they have a boyfriend.

4. (Corinna) I had my two children before I got married. I am married to their dad and we've been married a little over a year. My kids are turning 3 and 4 within the next month or so.
This may sound a little like too much information but...everyone knows it so....I would not have "picked Jimmy off the menu" but I could never have picked any better! He's not my "type", we are completetly opposite in so many things (I would never wear a flannel jacket!) but there are so many terrific things about him that I never knew were important to a relationship!

5. I met him at The End Zone (a bar near BSU). This was in May. I met his parents at his birthday dinner in August, the next August (at his birthday dinner) we told his parents that we were having a baby, the next August (at his birthday dinner) we told his parents we were having another baby! I think his mom dreads his birthday now!

6. (Connie) I've never considered myself too liberal or too conservative...just right in the middle...but I've been hanging out with a lot of people lately that are really into politics (it's their job) and I am finding out that I am so far left that Dennis Kucinich is my top choice for President! You can go there to see, based on the issues, what your top choice might be. Based on my feelings on several issues...I am definitley a liberal democrat.

7. I never wanted to have kids. I planned on being a teacher and a really great kids.
I wouldn't give them back though!

I'm not tagging anyone because I'm a slacker!


Corinna said...

hmmm... you are an odd one.
hee hee.

Kathleen said...

I don't think you're odd.
Sounds pretty normal from my experience. But then, who says I'm normal, I married my baby's father 27 years after the fact!

darcie said...

I always knew you were a freak, LOL! :op Fun list, thanks for sharing!

Connie Jean said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah! I love learning more about others :) I, on the other hand, expected to have ten plus kids by now (I kid you not, LMAO)... praise God He didn't follow through with my childish desires. I'd be so ticked!