Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Famous kid

A while back I talked about a commercial that my kids were going to be in and it's finally out there! Olivia is the only one in it because JuJu was too busy playing!
Go here and click play on the video to the right. Olivia is in a brown coat going down a slide at Camel's Back Park.
So cute!
It's on television also but I don't know when. My mom saw it yesterday on Channel 2 at about 5:15.


Anonymous said...

Cute, but they really shouldve given her more air time!! Did you forget today is weigh day? I stayed the same, I was happy with that because I did alot of celebrating my good check-up! Totally ate whatever I wanted all weekend, even a hot fudge brownie sundae.... So im very happy with staying the same! Love you, Sue

Sarah O said...

I forgot until this afternoon! I think I'm going to weigh tomorrow morning.
Congrats on staying the same!
I celebrated for you last week...also with food. hehehe

Anonymous said...

YAHHOOOO-EEEEEE for that movie star kiddo Sarah....her "fame" came early in her young life....thank so much for the link to the clip!!!! She's a cutie.

Weigh Day.....caca doody! I did manage to loose 1 pound....but I am surprised. Thats keeps me at 9.5....I told myself I would really try to loose 10 pounds a month. I blew it going to Boise and Yen Cheng but oh well...I HAD A BLAST!!!!! (I bet it was the yummy spag-a-gouchie that we had at our crop....went straight to my "scales"....LOL Oh well worth every non-lost poundage....:o)
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. Check out my blog tomorrow and "see" what was at my old house in Pocatello!
BOO to all....:o)

Anonymous said...

Even with a girls weekend and lots of beer.....I am down 1.5. Kind of encouraging. I think I'll try beer again this week!! Sheri
PS: If that man wins it will be totally because of Olivia!

Pam O. said...

I stayed the same because I also cheated. Isn't Olivia stunning!! Too bad I'm voting for Tibbs.........HAhaHA

Sarah O said...

That's not even funny mom!

Kathleen said...

I hope that doesn't go to her head! You know how young starlets can get. Next thing you know, she'll be wanting her own trailer. Nip it now, Sarah!

I'm still at 152, the result of all that life going on. Finding it hard to get my workouts in. Guess I'll have to get off the couch while watching "Dancing With the Stars"!

Sarah said...

Kathleen-Dance while you watch it! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Jann<-----needs to run along side the "Scooter Queen" to loose more...LOL