Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The First Day of School

The girls started their new school today. Jamie is in the 2-3's class and Olivia is in the 3-4-5's class at The Children's School.
It was a little surreal to be there as a parent. It was the same feeling that I get sometimes when I am in a tough situation with the kids. I feel like a kid pretending to be a grown up. Like I am not old enough, smart enough or grown up enough to really be the parent of these children.
But it was a great day. Both of them separated very well and it seems they really like their new school.
It's too late and I've been up since 6 am (which is seriously early for me) so I don't have the energy for much more. I'll smother ya'll with all the sentimental, "My baby's growin' up" at another time.
For now I'm too tired from really being the parent of these children,


Pam O. said...

Oh my I am having a proud parent/ grandparent moment.Why it just seems like yesterday they were extorting cookies from me. Can't wait til my Grammy Fridays at school.

Corinna said...

Sweet pictures.

Anonymous said...

What darling photo's.....they are beautiful Sarah.....:o)
Be a proud Mummie...you have earned it.