Sunday, September 30, 2007


I slept in until my mom called me at 10, I walked down the hill to get coffee from Starbucks, and now I'm waiting for Casey so we can go to lunch, I'm going for a walk with my mom and then cleaning my house up a bit. Happy Sunday!
My kids are camping with their dad, uncle and cousins and I have spent a glorious morning all alone...aaah.

By the way....weight loss challenge girls...
My friend Jen wants in and she happens to have weighed on the day we started this. She went to her doctor that day and has a recorded weight. Do you mind if we let her in? Hey, it's another twenty dollars to the potential winner! That will make 11 of us.

Also, I wanted to clarify something.
The winner is the person who lost the most start to finish not week to week. Make sense?
So, if you weighed 140 at the beginning 122 in the middle and weighed 125 at the end then you lost 15 pounds even though at some point you weighed 122. We are counting start weight to end weight as your loss.


Pam O. said...

I'm good with Jen jumping in but this wed. should be deadline for any newcomers.Hope you all did good this weekend.

Anonymous said...

The more the merrier I say!!!!!
Glad you have had time to just relax and so something fun for yourself Sarah! Thats always a joy to be at ease and just be yourself....;o)
Hey...did you get my email about the crop?
Huggers from the snowy grounds....yeah no sheet! it snowed....good LORD!

Donaldson family said...

I'm fine with it.

Anonymous said...

OK by me!

Kathleen said...

Welcome Jen, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

It's fine with me if jen comes on board. So....we really only have to report our starting weight and ending weight, right? That way I don't have to worry about the every Wednesday thing? Glad you had some alone time, it's so important! Sheri