Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ok, I'm back from the store

Actually I never went to the store. I still haven't.
I'm still making PB&J sandwiches for lunch!
I got really sick on Thursday and I am just now feeling better! I can't remember the last time I was sick for more than a day and a half. My throat hurt so bad on Sunday night I was actually in tears! And I'm not really a sissy...come on, I've had children.
So here's what is going on...

1. Jamie and Olivia start school on Tuesday. It's going to be really nice to have a little time to myself even if it is just a couple hours.

2. I am ready for summer to be over. I'm ready for cooler days. Dark at 7 so that you can reasonably convince the kids that 7:30 isn't too early for bed.

3. My little brother turns 25 on Saturday and he and his wife are moving to Rexburg! I will miss them but I think it will be nice for Kels to be close to her mom and family.

4. I just "discovered" this cool thing (it's not new) called I'm super excited about it because I have a lot of books and most of them I never read again. There are a few favorites that I like to keep around and I always keep non-fiction books but the majority of my books just take up space. So you go online and post all the books you have available. I had 30 without even trying. Then people request your book, you mail it to them (media mail is about $2.14) and you get a credit to choose a book from someone else. Easy cheesy and free! Your only cost is postage and since it's media mail, it's pretty inexpensive.

5. I made 3 gorgeous (if I do say so myself) sets of cards for the mayor's silent auction and I am proud to say that I used a TON of scraps and I made them in about 2 hours using simple sketches. So proud of myself...I never use scraps and I rarely make cards.

6. Olivia wanted a metal "lunch pail" (her words) for the new school year so we went on the hunt for one last week. I didn't want a cheesy princess one so Jimmy suggested that we go to The Record Exchange. I remembered them having a lot of metal lunch boxes a while back so I gave it a shot. So we got there and the lady said that they were phasing them out because people weren't buying them very much so they only had 3. One was a cute vintage cowgirl one (my pick) and the other two were Kurt Cobain and The Sex Pistols. Hmmm. Olivia wanted the Sex Pistols one because it was pink. I pointed out to her that it also had skulls and snakes on it and maybe we should keep looking. I barely talked her out of it and later we found a Dora (lame) lunch box but she keeps saying "I really wanted that pink one" and you know what I kept thinking? "I should have gotten you that pink one. I'm a sissy."

I think that's about it! Stay on the edge of your seats for my refrigerator after picture. I know you can't wait!


gabe said...

You sissy, first crying because you are sick and then you don't buy the Sex Pistols "lunch pail" Just kidding, Dora is cool anyways. About Boondocks, I will talk to Melissa.

Anonymous said...

Dora is darlink....:o)
You did good.
Can't wait for the fridge photo....hey....wanna come clean mine?.....LOL
Hugs from the land "of nuthin much goin on"....(wink)

kelly said...

Hey Sarah,
just catching up with you. I also love the mundaneness of the blog's just to make me feel like I am still there with you all. I do miss Idaho.
hi to the girls and put some lipstick on that little juju for me.
xo kelly

Corinna said...

Hey Sarah...
I called you and left you a message... call me back :0)

Hope you got some yummy food to fill your fridge with today!?

Chat soon.

darcie said...

OMG-I am totally cracking up over here just imagining her taking a sex pistols lunch box to school!! Love it, you should go back & get her that one. :o)

the bad mom said...

I knew you'd appreciate that, Darcie.

Corinna said...


Miss you tonight... you missed out!Your nick name must wait!
You suck!

Pam O. said...

Listen girlfriend, get your butt to the store and buy some food. I'm tired of your kids calling me because they are hungry. I caught Jimmy pocketing crackers the other night when he was here. Sad,sad , sad, I know I taught you how to be a food pusher, come on now, buck up. Mom