Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random Ramblings

1. We had a great time in Lagoon but the really cool part was this store that Kelsey took my mom and I to on Saturday morning. It's called TaiPan Trading. It's a "wholesale" home decorator store. They have tons of stuff and it's a really gorgeous store. I was thinking it'd be all yard sale-y but it was really clean, well laid out and loaded with tons of cool stuff at awesome prices. My mom and I are planning on going back with a plan of what we want in mind after we move to our new houses.

2. Speaking of new houses. It's finally listed and the crack job put it at 270! Ridiculous! Our next door neighbors have the same house but with a full basement that adds almost 1,000 sq ft and they are only going to ask 275. Dummies. So, we are going to put our offer in and then move on if they don't take it. Sigh. Yesterday we walked through with our realtor and I fell in love with it all over again. Sigh again. Wanna check it out? Here it is. The "Elegant Cape Cod". Take note of the hideous floral wall paper all over the place and the totally outdated kitchen. It also needs a new roof. 270! Ridiculous!!!

3. I think I have a job. We'll see. It'll just be 2 or 3 days a week. More info to come.

4. I can't believe summer is nearly over! I saw school supplies in the store! We still have a couple more fun things planned. A couple camping trips, a trip to Portland for a wedding and (probably not) a family vacation.

5. I am pretty jacked for JuJu to start preschool. She will be going 3 days a week for two hours. I think it will be a nice "get away" for her...so to speak. She'll be around new people, her mom won't work there, Olivia won't be there and she'll be one of the older kids in the class which I think will be a nice change for her. She'll be going to The Children's School. I worked there before I had Olivia. Actually I worked there when Olivia was a newborn. I went back to work after just 6 weeks at home with Olivia. What was I thinking? I must have been so tired. Funny, how you block those things out of your memory. Olivia will continue on at Little School House and I will keep on working Fridays to trade. Now that I'm facing paying (a small fortune) for Jamie's preschool I am really appreciating trading. Thanks Buf!

6. I guess that's about it!


C said...

OK, fun! Gotta love a bargin!

Cute house Sarah! Hope they accept your offer.

A JOB!? What? Give it up?? Where ya gonna be working?

I think we only have a few hours left of summer really? It seems like it has gone fast this year?
Good luck on the fam vacation!

Hello! both kids in school! That totally rocks.

darcie said...

Wow, that is a LOT of wallpaper, lol! Hopefully they will come to their senses & accept your offer, let us know how it's going.

The bargin place sounds fun!!

Working...thumbs down!

Hope all is going well, we'll all have to get together again soon.

Buffy said...

Ok, I have been accused of being a blog stalker, but here I am leaving a real comment...... taking up precious nap time I might add :)

You hopeful house is really cute! I hope they accept your offer and you can move in asap.......well as soon as you have removed the hideous wallpaper.

What job!! I feel a little scared about this possibility. You know me, I am going to chant the mantra of family vision..... Please remember that most of us "working women" would kill for your status of Goddess or stay at home mom or some blending of the two :)!!

As far as trading preschool goes.... your totally welcome, but I am easily getting the better end of this deal as Olivia is such a cool kid with type A tendencies that has my heart!! Besides, now I can go camping on Fridays and have long weekends. Yea!