Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lucky to have friends like these

My mom's friend Sue came up with this brilliant idea....Her, my mom and I would have a "cleaning exchange". Tonight was the first try and it was also my turn! So, they came to my house and the three of us worked together for two hours cleaning my house! Next week we will go to Sue's house and then my mom's the next week! Isn't it genius?!?! My mom and Sue had been venting their frustration over getting motivated to clean and Sue came up with this plan to help us get a little fire under our butts! I love it! My house is so clean and we had fun doing it!


Corinna said...

Love the idea... but I simply don't have any friends. LOL

gabe said...

How do we get into this circle. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

HOLY MOLY you guys!!!!
This is a great!!!! idea....can I borrow you guy???and bring a paint brush....LOL
This truly is a great idea....smart smart ladies.....
Hugs from the "less than usual" windy city!