Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I feel like I've been in "housekeeping" mode this last week. We've been so busy that I have let some things fall by the wayside and I am starting to feel a little behind. So this weekend we didn't do much of anything. Friday we...well it was so mundane I don't even remember! Saturday we spent a shit-ton of money at my aunt and uncle's yard sale. Me...I got a super cute desk, a media armoire, a cute entry-way coat hook shelf thingy, and two new market umbrellas for my patio and, and, and...the Pottery Barn rotary style wall phone in black for $5!!!! I love, love it! And that darn Jimmy talked me into letting him buy their riding lawnmower! GRRR! So this is the major question...Where the hell did we get $620 to spend at a yard sale? I know the obvious answer is credit but...we don't have any credit cards! Hmmm...does Jimmy have a secret stash of money? But Daddy Warbucks was acting like it was pocket change so rather than question and "bite the hand that feeds me" or "look a gift horse in the mouth" etcetera, etcetera...I took my purchases and ran!
So, my aunt and uncle sold their house and basically everything they own and are moving to the Oregon Coast. They don't even have a house there yet but their house here sold so quickly that they have to pack up and go. Thank goodness for big-ass RVs! Home away from home! Well, crazy as I think they are...I admire their bravery.
Then...Saturday afternoon I sat in the 100 degree heat on the patio at Lucky 13, signed manifests and handed out Boise Weekly stickers for the Bars and Stripes alley cat race. Side note and commercial...co-sponsored by NorthStar Cycle Couriers...my brother's business. I sat there for 2 1/2 hours and I have to say...I had a lot of fun!
Anyhoo...It was nice to have a mellow weekend and get a bit caught up. I spent today running errands and catching up on other stuff and tonight is cleaning club night! Here we come, Sue!

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Donaldson family said...

I know how you feel about behind. Have been helping this week with VBS and finally am home tomorrow. Will be cleaning day around here!!! Have in-laws coming this weekend so needs to be done. :-)
Sounds like you hit it big with the yard sale!!!