Monday, February 12, 2007

So they loaded up their truck and moved to Beverly...hills that is...swimming pools and movie stars

We are sooooo the Beverly Hillbillies!

My whole crazy family loaded into my parents big-ass-huge-as-a-tour-bus motorhome and went to Givens Hot Springs. My girls have been bugging Grampy to take them somewhere in the motorhome and he has been trying to carve out some time for a trip. Grammy decided they would be just as happy with a little day trip so we loaded up and went to Givens! All TWELVE of us...Grammy, Grampy, Mom, Dad, Olivia, Jamie, Uncle Warren, Aunt Casey, Aunt Kelsey, Uncle Joe, and Chance-y poo poo butt! It was a blast. I tried to remember to take pictures but I was having too much fun!


Granny Clampett said...

Oh sweet Jesus!!!Our family secret is out. We truly are the Clampetts!! I believe that we have more fun on our crazy adventures than is legal. You forgot to tell about the highlight of the trip, when all my adult children threw rocks at the Givens sign and then at each other. If any one ever wondered why I'm a little crazy, they need not wonder any longer.The only thing that would have topped off the trip would have been for uncle Warren to bring his banjo and uncle Joe to do personalized songs on his keyboard. Now I don,t care who you are thats funny!!

Sarah said...

yes, there was rock throwing involved and I started the throwing it at one another because they were making fun of my girl throwing!

Granny Clampett said...

Well I believe you were the first one in the door, locking it behind you while screaming Dad had nailed you with a rock.Its all fun and games til somebody gets an eye put out.It's so hard being the only grown up.You should have whacked Jethro (Warren) with the rock, because I'm sure he started the name calling.

Kathleen said...

Hi Sarah!
Kathy here (your mom's friend of "The Girls' Dorm" blog fame). Your mom just sent me the link to your blog. I have read all entries. I just love it. It's now on my permanent list. It's nice to know we have "Clampett" cousins out there! Just so you know, you can blog photos right from your camera phone to your blog now. I just started doing that myself. You'll love it! Thanks for the break from work.

corinna said...

LOL... you are funny!
The clmapetts!!! hee hee!
I am so glad you finally go a chance to 'get away' and it sounds like a total blast! So glad that no one lost an eye!